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Are Higher Profits Hiding Right In
Front of You?

In every organization, three or four key factors control the potential for dramatic change in capacity, profitability, and value. But you may not see them on your own. 


The McLean Group specializes in finding and pulling these levers to trigger rapid improvements in almost any industry. LEARN MORE about how we do it.

Our Process


Instead of adhering to a single philosophy or method (like Six Sigma), we start with your core problem and work backward to identify levers for rapid change.



The McLean Group specializes in a hands-on, on-site approach to improving performance, developing leadership, and dramatically increasing 

Success Stories


Our 25-year national track record demonstrates our 
success with guiding midsize to large organizations across the industries toward higher profits.

McLean Group Enduring Organization book
The Enduring Organization

(Advantage Media Group, 2015)


McLean  literally wrote the book on making organizations more effective. He combines data-driven techniques for streamlining business processes with the human side of organizational change that's necessary for lasting results.

In this first book, he reveals an effective four-step process that any leader can use to cultivate a relevant, sustainable organization in the face of inevitable change.

"All of our objectives were accomplished and exceeded during the sixteen months that we worked with McLean ... Profits over a three-year period quadrupled and they were sustainable over time." 

Gordon Bonfield

Former CEO

R. A. Jones & Company, Inc.


Hal McLean is a special executive that blends the wisdom of the best of left brain analytical thinking and right brain human behavior change to deliver breakthrough results.

Jim Haudan
CEO, Root Learning

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