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About The McLean Group​

What sets The McLean Group apart? In essence, it’s our skill at thinking differently about problems, solutions, and available resources.


Over the last 25 years, we have carefully honed our method of throughput improvement consulting to liberate hidden capacity within organizations. In every company, there are key levers that control the potential for dramatic change in capacity, profitability, and value. We specialize in finding and pulling these levers, and stabilizing the standard processes around them, to trigger rapid improvements.


At the heart of The McLean Group’s process is the concept of throughput, or the rapid conversion of raw materials into cash. You may not be accustomed to thinking about the throughput of your facilities, but this simple idea can be applied to everything from manufacturing to medical treatment.



The beauty of using throughput as a guiding principle is that improving flow not only boosts productivity, but also improves quality and reduces cost by eliminating unnecessary delays and touch points.Do you think you’re operating at maximum capacity because your facilities are running 24/7? Many of our clients in similar positions have recovered between 20% and 40% capacity. Hidden losses and inefficiencies frequently occur between static points of measurement, which is why we focus on strategic flow metrics.


Once we’ve analyzed the data and identified the levers, we work backwards from the problem using a library of capabilities drawn from various disciplines. Naturally, lean manufacturing and Six Sigma are among them, but our approach digs deeper than any single tactic or methodology. For transformative growth, you can’t just address processes and practices—you must re-evaluate the principles, policies, and paradigms at the core of your business.


The McLean Group's average clients range in size from $100 million to $5 billion, and face issues ranging from declining profits and stunted growth to inability to meet rising demand. Often, we are brought in after large firms have tried and failed to address a company’s core problems.


Why do we succeed when they fail? How do we not only improve profitability, but substantially increase the value of the organizations we work with? In short, we think differently. Unprecedented success comes not from new tactics, but from paradigm shifts.

The McLean Group is a hands-on small consulting firm that gets transformational results. We make your organization more effective and more valuable.

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