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Meet Frank Mellon

In a nearly 30-year career innovating in Fortune 500 companies and his own business, Mellon Solutions, Frank Mellon has built a reputation for identifying and capturing value for clients on an exceptional scale. His flair for recognizing untapped opportunity and putting it to work has created significant bottom-line impacts for his clients, often at levels they’ve not imagined.


He has been working with The McLean Group since Frank founded his consulting company, Mellon Solutions, in 2002. In fact, Hal was Frank’s first client, and they’ve been working together ever since.


Whether designing and implementing strategy with executives or working with front-line teams discovering breakthroughs to double their outputs, the recurring theme in Frank’s work is “move the levers that drive change and create lasting value for the client.”


Clients see Frank not only as an expert at identifying the levers that can elevate their businesses, but also as a leader and advisor they can rely on to help guide and accelerate their efforts to create lasting change.


Difficult problems that leave other people scratching their heads are Frank’s favorites. He helps businesses reinvent themselves—and sustain that change—with a fact-based approach that builds clear strategies and measurements that are simple to execute.


Frank lives in Elizabethtown, Kentucky with Jacque. He and Jacque love going golfing with their son and, whenever possible, spending time with their brand-new grandson, Jake.

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