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Meet Hal McLean​

In his 25 years of managing The McLean Group, Hal McLean has honed a unique ability to liberate hidden capacity in businesses, creating value far beyond the bottom line.


Major companies often call on Hal after larger consulting firms have tried and failed to create the fundamental changes that are needed. Hal’s knack for tackling big, complex problems in new ways helps him deliver impressive results, often without any additional capital.


As a recent college graduate, Hal began working with the Fortune 500 company Owens Corning. He rapidly became one of the company’s most successful salesmen and was fast-tracked for promotion, rising quickly through the company. Within a few years, he found himself working as a business analyst under the vice president of the company’s three largest divisions.


It was in this role that Hal discovered his aptitude for cutting through the noise to identify the “levers” in each organization that lead to significant performance improvements. In his own words, he learned to find “the difference that makes the difference.”


After 10 years with Owens Corning, Hal moved to Wilson Learning to develop his skills in managing corporate change. Five years later, he founded The McLean Group to take his skills to new heights. When he started the business, Hal and his wife Barb already had two children. She wisely told him, “Go for it; you can always find another job.” As it turned out, she had nothing to worry about.


Today, Hal and Barb live in lovely Knoxville, Tennessee. They have three adult children—Jenn, Molly, and Pete—all of whom currently manage their own businesses.

Hal McLean is a special executive that blends the wisdom of the best of left brain analytical thinking and right brain human behavior change to deliver breakthrough results.

(Jim Hauden, CEO of Root Learning)

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