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Process Improvement


At The McLean Group, our core service is long-term process improvement consulting and implementation, attaining extraordinary results.

In every organization, there are key levers that control the potential for dramatic change in capacity, profitability, and value. We specialize in finding and pulling these levers to trigger rapid improvements. Both a paradigm-shift in thinking and tactical precision during implementation are necessary for that kind of change, which is why we take on projects one at a time and spend everywhere from 6 months to 2 years working with key leaders at all levels.

When a single project requires years of work from both parties, it’s essential to establish a mutual fit. We’re able to make such impressive forecasts because before we take on a client, we do everything possible to ensure that both parties are committed. However, that mutual fit makes incredible things possible—just take a look at these past projects.

Our Services


Organizations of all kinds struggle with performance improvement, particularly when they’re faced with slowing growth. However, you don’t have to commit to a long-term process improvement contract to make noticeable progress; for most organizations, that’s not necessary or even feasible.

That’s why The McLean Group offers a range of tools in addition to our process improvement services to help you think differently about your challenges and ignite meaningful growth in your business.

Each is drawn from our unique, highly successful approach to process improvement and is designed to help you identify the key levers that control your organization's potential for growth in capacity, profitability, and value.




Executive Business Consulting


For executives, time is almost always at a premium. If you barely have time for a morning coffee (let alone a book on business leadership), consider a one-day intensive consultation with Hal McLean.

Using principles from our wide experience in process improvement, Hal will work with you to identify key opportunities to make your organization relevant and keep it that way.


The McLean Group has achieved dramatic results across industries using a consistent set of methodologies (and usually, with no additional capital), and we’re confident that your organization is capable of the same type of transformation.

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Pre-Sale Value Enhancement


Selling a company is a complex, long-term project, and an accurate valuation is the cornerstone of good negotiations. But what if your company has hidden value that isn’t reflected in your valuation—capacity that you yourself may not even know about?


To unlock this value prior to the sale of a company, we spend time on the factory floor with your team, identifying the “differences that make the difference” within the organization. We achieve our trademark results by adding value to key processes, particularly product development, sales, and operations.


We’re able to squeeze every drop of value out of the company, often without the use of additional capital, but our goals are far from short-term—we hand over a company capable of continuing to perform at a level that warrants the increase in valuation.

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